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The "Art" of HEAVY METAL


Happy birthday, Cliff.

Happy birthday, Vulgar Display of Power.


Happy 30th birthday, Kill ‘Em All!

30 years ago today, sound came ripping through your ears, and the deafening sound of metal neared as four horsemen by the name of Metallica would ride into the metal world and change the game forever. \m/

Here’s to an album that would also change my life forever. A couple years after I started playing guitar, my friends and I started what would be my first band in my sophomore year of high school. We used to play Metallica covers like the Four Horsemen and punk covers in my friend’s basement and live at shows and everyone would mosh like mad at the local shows. I was James Hetfield on rhythm guitar and vocals. Those were great days.

Via heavy metal & horror


Distant (Explored) (by Just Josie (Coming back slowly!))

A very Merry Metal Christmas, and happy holidays to all! Here’s some REAL Christmas music to make up for all the bad Christmas albums mom puts on! \m/


It’s 11/11/11. HAPPY NATIONAL METAL DAY! Crank your fuckin amps up to ELEVEN! \m/

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